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What's My Tuxedo Style? - Part 1

A guide to help you pick the perfect tuxedo to reflect your image.

There comes a time in a man’s life when you have to be together. Completely together. To have “that look”, “that style”, which telegraphs class and sophistication the way mere words can never approach. Anyone can dress up in a designer tuxedo yet still not have “it”.

Flair. Style. Tuxedo Style.

The average guy can put on a tux and look OK albeit stiff, uncomfortable. Yet the man who has it together, who has “that look”, “that style”, doesn’t look just OK. He looks fabulous. He knows it. She knows it. He has the comfort and confidence that anyone looking knows is genuine. He’s on top. In control. And dresses the part. He has tuxedo style!

What are the ingredients for it? What’s in the special sauce?

The secret to looking “together” is matching you with the right style – the one look, fit, and feel that complements you in a way that she’ll remember - forever. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive designer tuxedo (although it might), it is unlikely to be the one that shouts, unless you shout. The right tuxedo is the one that speaks your language, feels like a second skin, and lets you be the best you can be.

From classic tuxedos to a designer tuxedo, eTuxedo has the tux for you.

SophisticatedChampagne taste, you’ve switched from dry white to rose because that’s what’s in. You drive a Lexus, Saab, Volvo, or Cadillac XLR. You know the difference in the details. Here’s your special tuxedo list:
Good – Geoffrey Beene Tuxedos - $229.00
Better – Imperial Tuxedo $499.00
Best – Corneliani - $1,099.00

Slick – Life is a banquet and your firmly planted in front of the fresh shrimp and lobster. You drive fast and hard in a sharp sports car. You’re all about performance and looks. These are the tuxedos to check out:
Good – "Night Out" Tuxedo Package - $129.99
Better – Chaps Tuxedo - $149.99
Best – Calvin Klein Tuxedos - $329.99

Traditional – You enjoy the symphony, collect antiques, and have rich, traditional home furnishings. GM or Ford makes your car (Cadillac or Lincoln thank you very much). You're not comfortable with high fashion, but want something that will stand the test of time, something classic. These classic tuxedos will pass your test:
Good – Bill Blass 1-button notch lapel style - $169.99
Better – Imperial Tuxedo $499.00
Best – Hickey Freeman Tuxedos- $1,099.00

Mr. Value – You know how to get $110 out of a $100 bill (why else would you be here?). You can’t understand how Neiman Marcus stays in business. If you don’t buy from eTuxedo, you’ll probably scan eBay and see what’s available there. Your car – whatever the best deal was for an acceptable model. You have a lifetime membership to Consumer’s Reports. We’ve got your number! Check out these high value tuxedos:
Good – Super 120's 2 Button Tuxedo - $69.99
Better –"Night Out" Tuxedo Package - $129.99
Best – Imperial Tuxedo $499.00

High Fashion – You’re driving a PT Cruiser, 300, or a Porsche. Armani, Versace, and Manolo Blahnik are good friends. You live for something new, fresh and different from “the other guy”. Your fashion designer tuxedo is waiting here:
Good – Illusion - $199.99
Better – Mirage - $249.99
Best – Calvin Klein Tuxedos - $329.99

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Which Tuxedo for Which Event? - Prom? Wedding? We help you choose the perfect tuxedo for your event.
Deciphering Your Invitation - Black Tie? White Tie? What's it all mean? We have the answers!
What's my Tuxedo Style? Page 1- A guide to help you pick the perfect tuxedo to reflect your image
What's my Tuxedo Style? Page 2- A lighthearted comparison between tuxedos and cars to help you make your choice
Tuxedo Chart A visual comparison of our tuxedos in terms of style and price.
Which Tuxedo for Which Body Type? - We help you choose the perfect tuxedo for your body type.

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