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  Sample Toast #1
Today is a day of promises.

You made the promise to listen to the words of the heart and remain caring and tender. You promised to fill each other with adventure and excitement, in life and in each other. You promised to be each others' sword and shield and protect against sorrow and harm. You promised to be the keeper of secrets and a sturdy pillar upon which you may always rely for strength. But most of all, you promised a life of affection, yes even of romance.

Remember that you each fell in love with the other the way you are. Don't try to change that which has brought you here today. It is a treasure. Always drink from the same cup of wine, eat from the same loaf of bread, and like two strong oak trees, have your roots intertwined and touching. It is, you see, the smile of togetherness, and you each sit on the corner of that smile.

Sample Toast #2
Ladies and Gentlemen - Good evening. My father always told me that when making a speech, be direct, be brief, and be seated. I intend all three. So here are my words to the bride and groom.

Today you have given each other a gift. It is priceless and cannot be found anywhere on earth except right here, tonight. What is it? It is a pair of embracing spirits. It is a set of souls singing the same melody. It is two hearts, soon to learn to beat as one. You are each others' mirror of caring, tenderness, understanding and wisdom. It is truth and trust, knowing that you may rely on each other with certainty.

The gift you gave, you see, is each to the other. We wish you a life engulfed in love.

Ladies and gentlemen, lift your glasses. I give you Mr. and Mrs. ___________________

Sample Toast #3
I am privileged this evening to make a toast to our newlyweds. Tonight is special, so here are some special words for you both.

A good life requires a good heart, one filled with tenderness and caring, warmth and kindness. Take turns doing good deeds for each other. Don't look for great opportunities, capture and keep the small ones. Make your love an emblem of yesterdays past, a torch that brightens today, and an imprint for all of your tomorrows. Keep in mind that a peck on the cheek is nice, but a kiss of romance requires four lips, that sing a soft melody to the mind and an embrace that sends the spirits soaring!

Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses. ____ and ____, we wish you harmony of hearts, a meeting of the minds, and togetherness for a lifetime!

Sample Toast #4
Marriage at its infancy in unbridled passion and excitement. It grows into adolescence, an age which can be trying and test the metal of your love. It then matures into adulthood, wearing the crown of knowledge and understanding. Then, it matures into older age, a history of caring compassion and a life long romance with your very best friend. When you reach old age, we want you to still hold hands, and kiss without the false teeth getting in the way. But most importantly, as the lines appear upon your faces, let them not be from sorrow or age, but from the many smiles you gave to, and received from, each other.
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