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Images may be lightened in order to show detail. All tuxedos are a deep, rich black, not grey.
• 2 button
• Fabric is a subtle pebbleweave pattern
• Pleated trousers lined to the knee with suspender buttons sewn in
• Waist measurement is 6" less than jacket (46 jacket = 40 Waist)
• Lot Number: 981183

Joseph Abboud Designer Tuxedo

$495 $399.99
(48 & up + 10%)

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eTuxedo Review

Joseph Abboud makes a terrific designer tuxedo!   We like the Joseph Abboud quality, we like the Abboud fabric, we really like the grosgrain lapel (very classy), we like the way it drapes and we find it a distinctive look in the world of tuxedos. Congratulations Mr. Abboud, your tuxedo is tops!

Now for the facts – This 2-button pure wool Joseph Abboud tuxedo is a competent and confident tux. It is a fuller cut, bigger in the chest and shoulder, but not boxy.   The cloth is a very soft, year-round weight, very smooth, crisp pure wool faille cloth. The higher button 2-button styling looks refreshing where many tuxes (our competitors, for instance) look so similar. The very fine grosgrain on the lapels is only noticeable when you are next to the wearer (as she stirs her drink and says, “My what an interesting tuxedo you have on. . . won't you tell me about it.”) Grosgrain covered buttons and grosgrain stripe up the pant leg. Slack is lined to the knee for comfort.

We highly endorse this Joseph Abboud tuxedo (if you couldn't tell), it's ideal for the gentlemen who is stylish but not high fashion.

As a bonus you get a free Joseph Abboud 100% Egyptian combed cotton formal shirt.   It's the perfect complement – high quality cotton shirt, distinctively different, very classy, and likewise for the stylish guy who is not into high fashion.

Wondering what happened the 3-button Joseph Abboud tuxedo we used to offer? It is available by special order – just give us a call and we'll be happy to get it for you.

** WARNING ** All Joseph Abboud Tuxedos Are Not The Same!

Alarming but true, there are two different manufacturers of Joseph Abboud tuxedos in the marketplace today. Joseph Abboud produces their own tuxedo (shown here) with a very fine, very rich pure wool cloth, grosgrain lapels, grosgrain covered buttons, flap pockets and dak waistband. You will find this same tuxedo at Nordstroms and many other fine retailers.

One of the rental tuxedo manufacturers has licensed the name, Joseph Abboud, to place on their tuxedo. You may very well find this garment in your local tuxedo store. It is not the same garment as we are offering above. Side-by-side you will see the original is a darker, more elegant black, a finer fabric, & crisper appearance.   The licensed rental garment has plain satin lapels and covered buttons, not the more unusual grosgrain. More importantly, it is not the same comfortable, easy fit that Abboud is well known for. Please understand, the licensed rental garment is a nice tuxedo – but despite the Abboud label, it is not the same quality garment the original Joseph Abboud is.

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